GBTG Werewolf Pic

Portrait of the Werewolf Ghouly.

The Unused Werewolf Ghouly is a minor Ghouly in Grabbed By The Ghoulies. You cannot fight it in the game. However, it can be seen on several portraits throughout the mansion. It is unknown what its role was, if any, before being scrapped. It could be however, that the werewolf on the pictures has mutated and is now the monster that breaks the doors and tries to scare Cooper, but it does say in Prima's official guide that the door creature is Mingella the Guard Dog. However this is unlikely as in the original promo trailer it is seen while Cooper fights some beta zombies. They move slowly and had lots of different clothing colors on each one. Since it was slow it was probably powerful and by the way its back was hunched it looked like it would pounce. It was removed for an unknown reason. It might have been too powerful or perhaps scary.

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