A Temporary Weapon refers to any household object located within Ghoulhaven Hall that Cooper can pick up and utilize as a weapon.



The icon which indicates what items are temporary weapons

Temporary Weapons are marked by a small white glove grasping at it whenever Cooper comes into close distance. He can pick it up with the A button.

As their names states, Temporary Weapons will break after a limited number of uses which is indicated by the number next to the Weapons Only rule icon on the bottom right corner which shows up whenever Cooper equips a Temporary Weapon. Cooper can, at any time, discard a Temporary Weapon by pressing the B button which will instantly shatter the object into pieces in Cooper's arms.

Temporary Weapons are not only useful for defeating Ghoulies, but also is nescessary for some challenges like Limited Attacks and Weapons Only and they all (save for Multi-Throw Weapons) do knock-down attacks.

Categories of Temporary Weapons

Type Description Damage Examples
Swingable Weapons A hand-held melee weapons that is swung 3 times at Ghoulies before breaking -10pts French BreadSwordfishPirate SwordPool CueTableBookPictureChairCook's ChairBootCymbal
Throwable Weapons A large object Cooper lifts over his head and chucks at Ghoulies. It bounces three times before breaking. -5pts PotPlantBirthday CakeTelevisionFruitcakeCarboard BoxRecord PlayerTrophyStealdrumDrumSpeakerBowl of FruitGarbage CanBarrelSmall Dresser
Multi-Throw Weapons A pile of six small objects that Cooper can toss at Ghoulies one at a time. -5pts from each projectile HamburgersPotsSoda Pop BottlesEggs
360 Weapons Huge stationary objects that can swung at 360 degrees to injury nearby Ghoulies. -30pts Lab TablePool TableDumpsterToy Box