A Swingable Weapon is a type of Temporary Weapon that is used as a melee weopon during close-combat with Ghoulies. Swingable Weopons can differ between individual weapons when is comes to holding them, some being held with only hand while others need both, though, this is not a factor when it comes to effectiveness as every different Swingable Weapon has the same reach, damage and resistance. All Swingable Weapons have a limit of 3 attacks and the state of the weapon visibly decreases at each each use. The damage done by a Swingable Weapon is equal to the damage done by a Knock-Out attack, -10 when a Ghouly is standing up and -5 when a Ghouly is on the ground. When under the influence of Super Weapons!, they will remain intact with every hit until the Soup wears off.