The Soup Can.

Super Weapons is a Super Soup first found in the Basement. It is represented by a candelabra, a plant pot, wine bottles and a dust pan gathered together with a green glow, extremely similar to the icon for the Weapons Only challenge rule.

This Super Soup provides Cooper with Temporary Weapon upgrades depending on which Weapon he is currently using or equips during the time it is in effect. It lasts for 20 seconds

Temporary Weapons

Swingable Weapons

Any Swingable Weapon will remain undamaged for continuous usage until the Super Soup wears off.

Multi-Throw Weapons

Number of projectiles becomes unlimited until the Super Soup wears off.

Throwable Weapons

The throwable object will create a huge crash upon breaking.

360 Weapons

The 360 Weapon can be swang a second time before breaking.

Permanent Weapons

Permanent Weapons are affected by their usage limit which, with Super Weapons!, will glow purple and remain a the green side of the limit until the Super Soup wears off.

  • The Holy Water Squirter can continue to squirt water for a long time until the Super Soup wears off.
  • The Fire Extinguisher can continue to spray its contents until the Super Soup Wears off.
  • The Candle will remain lit regardless of how many times you hit something until the Super Soup wears off.