Play It Again Son
Play It Again, Son
is the 21st Bonus Challenge in Grabbed By The Ghoulies. It is unlocked by getting a Gold Medal or a Platinum Medal in all of the previous 20 challenges. You get a Platinum Medal just for completing it, although you can compare how good you do by your total time, which it records for you. The objective is to beat the entire game again, but instead of playing as Cooper, you'll get to play as his girlfriend, Amber. Amber also only gets 10 health in each and every room and all Super Soups are missing. This Bonus Challenge automatically saves your progress after each room, so you don't have to worry about beating the entire bonus challenge in one sitting. The Story Book videos are also cut out.

General Differences

  • Health has now been reduced to only 10 HP per room.
  • All Super Soups have been removed from all rooms.
  • Progress is automatically saved upon finishing a room.
  • Story Book sequences have been removed.

There are four prizes for completing it.

  • 1. E3 2001 video
  • 2. Extra Deleted Scene
  • 3. Another Gallery Picture.
  • Gold HUD