Haunted Chair
Haunted Chair Jump
Basic Information
First Appearance Gaming Room (second visit)
Final Appearance Lower Corridor (fifth visit)
Chapter(s) 1, 2, 3 & 5
Scene Count 9
Icon HauntedChairICON
Combat Statistics
SmallHeartEnergy 15
LimitedAttacksICONDamage -3pts (by charging)
-6pts (by landing)
No. of Hits Before Knock-Down 5
Weaknesses None
Temporary Invincibility None
Haunted Chairs are a breed of Ghouly first enountered in the second visit to the Gaming Room in Chapter 1. They have 15 Heart Points and are the fifth ghouly encountered in the game.


Haunted Chairs resemble normal swingable chairs made of wood with four legs and two red cushions on the seat and back rest. Like other haunted objects, these chairs have been possesed and can move around (using it's chair legs as actual legs.)


Similar to the behavior of other haunted objects, Haunted Chairs will often start levels as normal household objects until approached by Cooper in which they will come to life. By the start of their first appearance in the Gaming Room, they only possess the basic attack of charging at Cooper, first by building up energy (giving time for Cooper to attack them) for a few seconds and then sliding towards Cooper, knocking back and decreasing 3 Heart Points to any one or thing that gets in it's way. By Chapter 3, Haunted Chairs use an attack similar to the Haunted Door, by lifting themselves in the air and swinging themselves towards Cooper, decreasing 6 Heart Points if they hit Cooper.

Room Encounters

Chapter 1

  • Gaming Room (second visit)

Chapter 2

  • Lower Corridors (first and third visit)
  • Embassy Ballroom (second visit)
  • Sitting Room (first visit)

Chapter 3

  • Infirmary
  • Garbage Yard
  • Attic

Chapter 5

  • Lower Corridors


  • Like Haunted Doors and Painings, Chairs break instantly upon death.
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