Ugly girl
Ghouly Amber is a ghoulie version of Amber that must eventually be fought. She appears first towards the end of Chapter 1 to the end of Chapter 2.She starts off smaller than boss ghoulie Amber and when you find the ingredients she turns into a boss, who has 100 health and does 10 damage to Cooper.


First Version

After Amber is rescued in the Ye Olde Archives, Dr. Krackpot uses a raygun to transform Amber into a ghoulie. When Cooper first sees her face, he is mortified by her appearance and
Amber in Love

Amber the Ghouly

recieves a Super Scary Shock. This incarnation appears as Amber except with green, spotty skin and a larger, rounded stomach. She remains friendly but will follow Cooper around making kissing sounds with pink hearts floating from her. If Cooper stands still she will just stand with him and make kissing sounds. She can be attacked but not defeated.

Second Version

After Cooper retrieves all of the ingredients (Glow worms, Vampire chicken egg, and Dungweed), he heads to the Achrives and dumps the potion all over Amber. However, the cook Ma' Soupswill made a mistake when making it, causing Amber to turn into an even bigger ghoulie with sharp yellow teeth, sharp nails, a tail and a size that rips Ambers clothes to the point that her toes stick out and rip her shoes.
Boss ghouly amber

Amber as a Boss

She also as a joyous attitude and bloodlust. Cooper is forced to fight her. During the fight she is treated as a ghouly. She has 100 Heart Points and can punch Cooper which can do 10 Heart Points worth of damage and a hammer punch she uses when Cooper is on the floor, that decreases 5 Heart Points. When she is knocked down to the floor, she will turn red and cannot be attacked untill she gets back up and returns to her original, green color. After Cooper defeats her, Ma' Soupswill comes and throws the right antidote at her face, turning her back to her original form.


  • All three versions of Amber appear on a meter of options on Dr. Krackpot's ray gun.
    Ray gun choices-Amber