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Grabbed By The Ghoulies is a video game released on October 21, 2003 by Rareware for the Xbox. It was the first Rare game to be released under the Microsoft banner (discounting the Game Boy Advance release Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge) after being bought from Nintendo (it actually originated on the Nintendo GameCube). It is backward compatible with the Xbox 360. It was also re-released on the Xbox 360 as a downloadable Xbox Original title on February 16, 2009. More...

Featured Ghouly

An Imp is a type of Ghouly. They are the first Ghoulies fought. They are first fought in the first visit to the Grand Hallway. They are the weakest of Ghoulies with only 5 Heart Points. They are purple, have horns, a tail, and fangs. There are 3 other variants in Fire Imps, Ninja Imps, and Flying Imps. At first their only attack is scratching, but starting in Chapter 2, they can also enlarge their head and bite Cooper in the neck. When they bite, Cooper can knock them off by spinning the right thumbstick. They are weak but they are strong in numbers. More...

Featured Room

Grand hallway
The Grand Hallway is the main room in Ghoulhaven Hall. It has many doors in it including the door to the Baron's Quarters. Cooper first fights Imps here. He also first fights Haunted Paintings here. It also is the room that reoccurs the most with 9 visits. More...

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