Ghoulies Lady ghost


A Ghost is a type of non-fightable Ghouly that scares the player when approached. Unlike the Super Scary Shock ghoulies, when ghosts scare you a red sphere with an evil face laughs and grows bigger. If you're in the sphere when it gets bigger you become stuned. You slow down and cannot fight when you're stunned. Stuns last different amount of times depending on the ghost. They cannot be attacked by any means and occur randomly. The types of ghosts are as follows: Gwenyth (Hag), Blobbelda the Guard Dog, Haunted Telephone, Bony Arm, Freaky Monk, Spooky Grandpa, Spooky Granny, the Munching Cavalier, and the ghost of the stuffed ogre head. These names, besides Gwenyth, are according to Prima's official guide.

Lists of Ghosts