The very first chapter of Grabbed by the Ghoulies.

The Rescue
Chapter 1 Title Card
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Story Information
Goal Find and rescue Amber
Characters Cooper, Amber, Baron von Ghoul & Crivens
Progress Levels 1-12
Starting Room Grand Hallway
Ending Room Cellar
No. of Scenes 12
No. of Rooms 10
No. of Challenges 7
No. of Cutscenes 5
Featured Ghoulies Imp (5 scenes), Skeleton (6 scenes), Spider (4 scenes), Haunted Television (1 scene), Haunted Chair (1 scene), Ancient Mummy (2 Scenes)
Potential Reaper Appearances none
Permanent Weapons Candle (2 scenes)


Cooper and his girlfriend Amber get lost during a stormy night. When attempting to stay at a Ghoulhaven Hall, Amber is kidnapped by a pair of gargoyles and taken into the mansion. Cooper meets the Butler Crivens who gives him a map and guides and imforms him about the ghoulies. When he eventually finds Amber, she is turned into a ghouly by Dr. Krackpot.

Ghouly Introductions

Grand Hallway: Imp

Billiard Room: Skeleton

Lower Corridors: Spider

Cinema: Haunted Television

Gaming Room: Haunted Chair

Basement: Ancient Mummy

Cellar: Haunted Door


Number Room Challenges Ghoulies Super Soups
1 Grand Hallway RIP ImpICON None
2 Trophy Room None None None
3 Billiard Room None SkeletonICON None
4 Gaming Room FindTheKey ImpICON SkeletonICON None
5 Billiard Room SkeletonICON6 SkeletonICON None
6 Lower Corridors None SkeletonICON SpiderICON EnergyBoost1ICON
7 Cinema None SkeletonICON ImpICON HauntedTelevisionICON SpiderICON EnergyBoost5ICON
8 Gaming Room HauntedChairICON HauntedChairICON SkeletonICON EnergyBoost1ICON TurboCooperICON
9 Basement AncientMummyICON SpiderICON ImpICON AncientMummyICON TurboCooperICON SuperWeaponsICONEnergyBoost5ICON
10 Relic Store RIP AncientMummyICON EnergyBoost1ICON EnergyBoost10ICON
11 Ye Olde Archives None SkeletonICON TurboCooperICON EnergyBoost25ICON
12 Cellar HauntedDoorICON SpiderICON ImpICON SkeletonICON HauntedDoorICON RIP EnergyBoost1ICON SuperWeaponsICON


Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 1

Grabbed By The Ghoulies - Chapter 1