Amber is Cooper's girlfriend and her plight is the focus of the first two chapters of the game.

Character Description

She's rather spunky and frowns on Cooper's quick, irrational thinking.


Amber has pink hair, green eyes, a yellow short-sleeve jacket, a black top with a white line in the middle, gray pants, light blue shoes with white soles, and a pink watch.

Amber's role in the game is not only as the classic damsel in distress narrative, but also functions as something as parody of the trope. Throughout the game, Amber is presented as somewhat more competent and level-headed than Cooper and, if the Bonus Challenges are taken into account, is just as physically capable.


Amber is taken by a pair of gargoyles into Ghoulhaven Hall at the very beginning of the story. The gargoyles then whisk her into the gaming room where Cooper finds her tied to a chair on a fireplace later on. When Cooper gets near her though, the fireplace spins rapidly and replaces Amber with a horde of cute, devilish, little imps. Cooper then has to backtrack to the Cinema to find Amber, but to no avail, because Amber falls through a trapdoor. Thanks to Crivens help though, Cooper finds her in Ye Olde Archives only for her to be turned into an ugly ghouly by Dr. Krackpot! Cooper then has to create an antidote with Ma Soupswill to turn her back, but the antidote goes horribly wrong and triples Amber in size and aggression. Hence, Amber becomes a very difficult boss fight. After taking her down though Ma Soupswill comes and saves the day with the correct antidote turning Amber back into her sweet and spunky self. Mostly after that though she just hangs out with Mr. Ribs until Cooper defeats the Baron and frees the children from Ghoulhaven Hall. Amber is also playable in the bonus challenges Kick 'em Quick, Dirty Laundry, Bedtime Gory, and Play It Again, Son.


  • In the beta Amber was going to be a major playable character.